RF Explorer

Portable hand held RF spectrum analyzer. When designing, installing or troubleshooting wireless systems it is very difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves and detect the presence of interfering signals without the use of diagnostic, test equipment. Radio waves don’t travel the same distance in all directions — instead walls, doors, elevator shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation, which cause the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation pattern to be irregular and unpredictable. In order for a wireless system to achieve optimal reliability and throughput it is necessary to detect and identify sources of interference that affect its performance. Enter RF spectrum analyzers — the tool of choice for monitoring wireless systems.


  • 240-960MHz Coverage Range.
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes.
  • Can interface with PC for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Graphics LCD 128×64 pixels, great visibility outdoors.
  • Pocket size and light weight.
  • Solid aluminum metal case.

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