CA-60 Kit ( 2 Speaker OR 4 Speaker)

Really great battery powered systems for speech, up to 4 speakers can be used in pairs or as singles with up to 25m between each speaker giving a total of 100m of good coverage. Robust & reliable "Ya can't kill'em with a stick". The CA-60 amp provides for 2 cable microhones & a line in/iPod input, battery size can be incresed dependent on client requirements. Base price is a 2 speaker system. Photo shows larger 100AHr battery, Standard system supplied with 33AHr (5 Hrs continuous speach operation full power).


  • Perfect where power is a problem

Add Ons

Sennheiser LSP 500
iPod/line input cable
iPod/line input cable
4 speaker system
CA-60 Kit ( 2 Speaker )

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