New Years Eve

Speaker instalation Flinders St Station
Aiming speakers
Speaker install on Princess bridge
Docklands Boardwalk speakers

EVENT: City of Melbourne New years Eve

VENUE: Beautiful Melbourne in summer 

OUR CLIENT: Momentum Events

DURATION: 1990's  to current


Staff  installing speakers along St Kilda Rd from Arts center to Flinders St Station ~500m, Since this system is speech only pedestrian management & emergency , horn speakers are perfect.

Speaker coverage include both sides of the Yarra from Swan St Bridge to Princess bridge (~1 Km per side), primarily for the fireworks sound track but is also used for general & emergency announcements.

Event management place significant importance on the emergency announcement capability of these systems, we implement them to be clearly intelligible for over 100m and also provide battery backup UPS power in case of blackouts.

Finally  the Docklands boardwalk coverage ~500m, 12 " Full range weather proof boxes, this is a great place to watch the fireworks.