Life in style

Royal Exibition Buildings wide
Royal exibition buildings side

EVENT: Life in Style

VENUE: Royal Exhibition Buildings

OUR CLIENT: James Cook


A heritage listed building brings its demons; difficult acoustics!  James' brief emphasized clear crisp announcements with quality BGM at low level, a challenge in this large open space.  

To achieve this we utilized many small, closely spaced speakers, our primary aim being to provide a distributed speaker system, 

In conjunction with Heritage Victoria and REB management we designed, fabricated and type certified customized brackets to suit the buildings historical timber columns, thus allowing us the ability to mount speakers back to back, down the length of the venue. The bracket  design and fabrication process was performed in house and completed in less than 2 weeks.

Coverage of the under balcony area was achieved by placing 24 x 12" boxes while 24 x  8" boxes covered the main  floor space of the exhibit providing a neat, clean line. No valuable floor space was lost  to cumbersome speaker stands.

Working off small scissor lifts, 4 highly efficient staff  completed the speaker installation in less than 4 hours making this aspect cost effective.

All of these speakers operate on the 100v distribution principal therefore they only required 4  1200 W amplifiers, with 100 W of power allocated to each speaker, again lowering hire cost.

Look closely.....try to see the speakers.